5th European Spiritist Life Philosophy Gathering

From Friday 06th September 16:30 to Sunday 08th September 2019 16:00

Château de Wégimont
76, Chaussée de Wégimont

What this meeting provides for participants?
The participants will learn about the Spiritist philosophy in Belgium and in Europe, will have the possibility to exchange and make clear different aspects of Spiritism.
Together, positioned in different group learnings, everyone will participate and bring his own questions and reveal answers about the well-being aspect of life.

Children Activities:
Special activity for children will happen in parallel with the main activity, bring your children along with you.
For children between 3 and 10 years old. Children’s below 3 years old should be accompanied by a responsible.
Didactic Activities will be explored, by experienced instructors, within the topic: Life – a gift.
The children enrollment must be done in the subscription form along with the parent’s main event enrollment.

For more details, we encourage you to look on this document:

How to register?
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